Welcome to the latest instalment of our Gift Guide series for 2021. This time, we've pulled together a list of some of our best gifts for five-year-olds. Bursting with exciting games, playsets and opportunities to use their imagination, there’s something for every (not so) little one in this wonderful collection.
1. Djeco Dragon Knight

Nothing frightens the Dragon Knight. and his imposing horse: they are always ready to attack! Armed with spear and shield, he knows no fear. Inspired by the Art Toys artistic trend, Arty Toys figurines are created by artists of all stripes: therefore each character has its own original touch. Articulated characters to display, collect or weave into stories and fabulous adventures!
2. Horrible Science - Deadly Dino's

They may only be in primary school, but this set from Galt contains eight deadly dino experiments for future palaeontologists of all ages! First you can dig up dinosaur fossils, make and fly a terrifying pterodactyl and build a t-rex skeleton. Then discover the demise of the deadly dinosaurs, experiment with quicksand traps, amber slime and make some fearsome fossilized footprints.
Galt Toys
3. Moon Picnic Calendar

Discover this everyday perpetual calendar for your little one! This calendar provides the perfect opportunity for children to discover more about the world around the. For example, they can change the calendar by repositioning the magnetic discs, use the themed coins to mark the current day, special events and their mood as well as the weather and seasons.
4. Djeco Dolls House Carry Case

Bluchka and her adorable little dog Indie’s home is a gorgeous gypsy caravan, decorated in beautiful illustrations. When you open it up you’ll find a classic doll’s house design, with a bedroom, kitchen, and dining table. It’s the gypsy travelling life for them!
Djeco Tinyly - Bluchka & Indie House For Kids At Acorn & Pip
5. The British Woodland Den Kit Co

A walk in the British Woodland promises discovery, tranquillity and a vital connection to one of the richest and diverse landscapes in the UK. This kit provides the tools to create your very own shelter amongst the trees, with a beautifully illustrated identification and fact sheet to help expand your knowledge of our native, living heritage - plus the equipment you need to grow your own sapling.
6. Djeco Music Box

Polo 12 is a music box shaped like a beautifully decorated rocket. Turn the handle, open the box, and surprise! A delicately carved astronaut turns, reflected in a shaped mirror, to Albert Von Tilzer’s “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.
7. Dejco Watch

Learning to tell the time is a true right of passage. With this beautifully illustrated watch from Djeco they'll be on their way in no time at all. It has two distinct dials (one for the hours, the other for the minutes) and fine hands to make telling the time super easy. And because Djeco know how much big kids love adventuring they've made it with a shock-resistant case and water resistance up to 30 meters!
8. Janod: Pin Ball Machine

This beautiful pinball set is made of natural wood and decorated in warm colours. It’s enough to make anyone nostalgic for days gone by! As soon as you see it, all you’ll want to do is launch the ball into play - and then do everything you can to stop it falling back to the bottom of the tray. This wooden toy for children aged 5 and over will develop their concentration and keep them alert! They can use the wheels and elastic bands to earn bonus points! Launch the metal ball, ring the bell, and it’s seconds out for hours of solo or multiplayer fun for anyone who loves a challenge! The 3 metal balls will help you break all your records!
Janod Pinball game - Wooden Toys for Kids At Acorn & Pip
9. Olli Ella Mushroom Basket

Meet the Mushroom Basket - a magical little house for forest dwelling creatures, little animals, fairiesgnomes – whatever you wantWith a generous size, adjustable handle, and a little door (which opens and shuts), Little kiddos can open the Mushroom top and carry teeny tiny treasures with them wherever they goDesigned for adventures on the go, the Mushroom Basket makes the perfect play house for the Holdie Folk too!
3.Olli Ella Mushroom Basket 2020 Acorn & Pip
10. Nobodinoz: Eco Lunch Box

The Sunshine eco lunch bag stores your fruits, homemade cookies or any other snacks! Stop the use of cling film and aluminium foil, choose reusable packaging. Made from organic cotton twill with water repellent coating.
November 22, 2021 — admin