This Gift Guide is all about the little people in our lives with the BIGGEST imaginations, Pre-schoolers! From around the age of three, children are constantly learning about the world around them. In fact, a phrase we hear often in early-years is 'learning through play', so that's exactly what this gift guide is all about. Dress-Ups and role play, puzzles and games... for pre-school aged children it's all about figuring out how things work and exploring the boundaries of the world around them.
Scroll down for a look at our top ten gift ideas for preschool-aged children!
1. Bob & Blossom Dress

Children of all ages love an excuse to dress up, and this stunning Party Dress from Bob & Blossom is the perfect start. With a soft cotton body and a simple tulle skirt, you can accessorise with a super-hero cape or a fairy wand for a perfect dress-up dress, as well as simply wearing it for a special occasion. The choice is yours!
2. Dejco Wooden Sushi Toy

Role-play plays a massive role in helping children to learn about the world around them. With that in mind, this wooden role-play game from Djeco is a great gift under. Especially if you've got a little budding chef in the house! With a Japanese restaurant theme, you can make salmon and tuna sushi rolled in sheets of nori – and don't forget to serve them with a side of soy sauce! After you've finished cooking, enjoy them on the mat or use the chopsticks provided.
Djeco Aki et Maki - Toys For Kids At Acorn & Pip
3. Djeco Giant Puzzle

If you're looking to encourage cognitive skills, perseverance and problem-solving, look no further than these giant 36-piece puzzles from Djeco. Firstly, the large, thick cardboard pieces are easy for little hands to hold. They also come in two fun themes and are guaranteed to supply endless hours of entertainment.
Djeco Giant Puzzles - The Pirate Ship Activities For Kids At Acorn & Pip
4. Djeco Jobissimo

Giving your child a chance to develop their imagination and story-telling skills is a vital part of their pre-school years. And with this fantastic magnetic set from Djeco, they can do just that! Watch your little ones stick the magnetic wooden pieces to the shaped metal box to create all kinds of crazy characters. Both sides of the box are illustrated, which means they can both be played with.  Store the pieces inside the box in order to create the perfect toy for travel.
5. Janod Brico'Kids DIY Construction Truck

Attention all budding builders! With this build-it-yourself wooden truck, you’ll be fully equipped to handle even the toughest of construction projects! This 2-in-1 toy combines the challenge of building a fabulous builder’s truck using the nuts, bolts and screws provided, with the joy of coming up with all sorts of adventures for the new truck to appear in! Once it’s built, your beautiful truck will be ready to help your child with even the most complex of building work! The 43-piece set includes 2 tools for assembling the vehicle and full assembly instructions.
6. Little Dutch Railway Extension Garage

Stop by the garage to fill up on gas, park your car or get it cleaned in the carwash. This garage comes fully equipped with a car wash, cars, helicopter, gas station, pumps, signs and employees. You can also connect it to the Little Dutch railway set to maximise fun! You can find the Little Dutch Railway Train XXL set here.
Little Dutch
7. Little Dutch Wooden Toy Cash Register

In addition to dressing up, toys like this well-designed wooden toy cash register are perfect for hours of enjoyable role play. It includes a scanner, push button numbers, a cash drawer, toy money and a payment card option. Couple it with a new toy kitchen like this one from Tender Leaf Toys and watch the play unfold.
8. Maileg Hiker Mouse Big Sister

Let's take a hike with our new friends. This little hiker mouse will spend days in the wilderness with her sleeping bag, blue dress and fashionable bandana. The perfect little friend to take along on all their big adventures!
9. Maileg Mum & Dad Mouse in a Retro Cigar Box

These little mice are certainly a classic Maileg item. These Mum and Dad mice are simply the sweetest. Firstly, they look so cute wearing their beautiful nightwear and eye masks. And, most importantly, the cigar box they're snuggled in makes the perfect bed for them to get a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.
10. Way To Play - King of The Road

So you want to be King of the Road? This is your set! It contains no less than 40 parts for maximum fun for everyone. This set is big and, as a result, is highly recommended for kids that really love to play with cars. The Way To Play range can be used either indoors or out and is, most importantly, a brilliant way to encourage imaginative play. In addition, you could even combine it with some new toy cars for a sure fire way to keep the kids entertained right through until Boxing Day!
November 19, 2021 — admin