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Hello folks...

Acorn & Pip is a lifestyle brand who offers cherished customers more than just a product. We are devoted to creating a playful retail experience rooted in mindfulness and authenticity.

We have an all day food and drink offering in our store, serving locally produced, vegetarian food; a play space for kids of all ages to enjoy and a great selection of toy, games and treats in our store. Our eye for quality ensures our toys, clothing, gifts and homewares are carefully curated with kids in mind. Finally, a place where the entire family can reconnect, play and make mischief.

The Acorn & Pip venture began when I became a mother for the first time – it totally transformed the way I see the world; albeit slightly more tired, a world through the eyes of a child is a much more exciting and intriguing place!

A combination of new motherhood mixed with my passion and background in children’s education, Acorn & Pip has grown into a much-loved haven where the child is at the heart of every decision we make.

At Acorn & Pip, we deeply believe that our footprint on our planet needs to minimal and in turn this needs to be well thought out. The choices we make as a business need have the smallest impact possible on Earth. We feel that it is important to be transparent with our customers so that you know who you are spending your money with and that we are doing our bit to ensure that your money is being used for good.

Our products

We scrutinise each new brand that we decide to stock, making sure that they use responsibly sourced materials, have eco values, are safety tested, use organic materials where applicable and do not use child labour.

We ship our orders using recycled boxes and mail stuffing.

We use paper mailers and paper tape as much as possible.

All our marketing materials are produced on recycled paper.

Our shop

We use recycled paper carrier bags when necessary at a minimal cost of 10p to encourage shoppers to use their own bags.

We offer a discount on all take out drinks when you bring an eco cup!

Our cafe

We only serve vegetarian and vegan food in our cafe.

We source over 30% of our menu from local suppliers, minimising our delivery footprint. We do not use any ingredients that contain palm oil.

We use compostable straws and vegware takeaway containers.

We do not sell food products in plastic wrapping or bottles (we sell cans of water).

We donate one meal to Fareshare with every kid's meal that is purchased in our cafe.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Join in on our journey in making memories - I don’t know about you, but we cant wait!