Getting everyone organised and back to school is often stressful in our house. This is why I'm determined that in 2022, I WILL be more prepared. Keep reading to see our Back to School Checklist. It's full of helpful things to remember leading up to that first week back.

1. Check the uniforms

This is probably THE most important thing on the list. Children grow at an astounding rate, and often when you least expect it! Triple check their uniform at the beginning of the term for growing room and wear and tear. Supermarkets tend to have uniform for sale all year round, so you can always pick up little bits and pieces alongside the weekly shop if needed.

2. Get those feet measured

Children’s feet grow quickly, around two whole sizes in their first 3-4 years, then a whole size each year until their late teens. It’s one of the main reasons we recommend getting their shoes checked regularly and their feet measured by a trained fitter.
If your child is due a measure, the Shoe Shop is open Monday - Saturday from 10 am till 5 pm. No appointment needed, just pop in and Niki - our expert Startrite trained shoe fitter - will be able to help you!

3. Ease back into your routine

Getting back into that post-holiday routine is one of the hardest parts of heading back to school (or at least it is in our house!). Starting to ease the kids (and yourself) back into a routine a week earlier than needed can save a lot of stress.
You could even turn it into a fun game with this interactive reward-based routine game from Five Wild Ones. It helps teach children how to carry out their daily tasks independently - plus they can earn themselves a reward for a job well done.

4. Shop for the essentials

A good quality coat, water bottle and backpack will often see children through an entire school year. Although, if they're anything like my kids there's a good chance something might go missing at some point! If that's the case, don't fear! We've got you covered with our range of back to school must-haves.
These raincoats from Igor are perfect for staying dry all year round! The lightweight jackets are fully waterproof. Plus, they have two hooded pockets for extra protection, a lined hood and an easy fastening zip.
Choose from our range of sustainable stainless steel drink bottles - including the 500ml Falk Water Bottle from Liewood or the BLAFRE Stainless Steel Water Bottles.
When it comes to bags, my favourites are these from Liewood. You can choose from three sweet designs and they're ideal for school stuff or for packing toys for a weekend trip.

5. Reassurance is key

It's been a big couple of years for our little ones. So if they're feeling anxious about heading back to school there are a few things you could do that might help.
Most schools allow you to draw a tiny heart on your child's palm at the beginning of the school day. Get them to draw one on your palm too and then whenever they feel worried they can use it as a little hug button.
Our Pocket Hugs are also a brilliant way to help ease any of those back-to-school nerves. Children can keep this double-sided pocket token safe in their pocket and reach for it whenever they need reassurance and comfort during their day.
Sending big love to everyone who is headed back to work or school this week!
January 05, 2022 — admin