Having a busy family can often mean ease trumps anything else. And, in our modern-day, ease can mean more throw away options such as supermarket pouches for on-the-go snacks, baby wipes, disposable nappies, plastic bottles. The list is endless! Here are our top 5 simple sustainable swaps to help reduce waste at home:

1. Baby Wipes

In my household, we go through so many packs of baby wipes because they're always there when you need them. Try swapping a pack of wipes for a box of cloths. You can find our full range of washcloths on the website here.
Fabelab: Wash Cloth (3 Pack) - Pastel Flower Acorn & Pip 2021

2. Cling Film

There are some great sustainable alternatives to film or foil for wrapping up sandwiches or snacks. Haps Nordic offer an amazing range of long-lasting food wrap alternatives. Their sandwich bag is designed as a simple swap for foil and disposable plastic bags and created with the hope of making it easier to choose a more sustainable solution for your lunch box.

3. Nappies

Did you know if you swap out only one of your disposable nappies a day for a cloth nappy you will save 365 nappies from landfill? We have a great selection of cloth nappies here at Acorn & Pip. Here is our range.

4. Food Pouches

They are so handy for kids of most ages but annoyingly wasteful! Liewood have introduced a range of fantastic smoothie pouches in wonderful colours made from food grade silicone to help make the swap. Their children’s reusable smoothie bottles are perfect for those who are looking to make swaps in their everyday routine for more reusable, sustainable, zero waste options. A washable bottle for smoothies or oats on the go made from 100% silicone. Leakproof, easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, but most importantly, easy to drink from – just flip open the lid and drink.
Haps Nordic have also designed a range of smoothie pouches, ideal for on-the-go baby food.
Haps Nordic

5. Baking

Reusable, sustainable, zero waste baking equipment to use in family kitchen activities for kids. Liewood's Jerry cupcake cases are an easy swap to make, made from silicone they can be used time and time again and are versatile so can be used in play activities too.

January 05, 2022 — admin