YAY! We are so thrilled to have the wonderful Rebecca from HYP candles join the Acorn & Pip gang, with her beautiful candles aimed at pregnant mothers. The candles are carefully crafted to target common problems or tensions in pregnancy which can be relieved by scents created by Rebecca.

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rebecca. I’m wife to Calum, Mum to Orla and Founder of my brand spanking new business HYP Candles – I create all natural aromatherapy candles to provide balance and support through pregnancy.

  1. How does motherhood inspire your work?

Becoming a Mum kick-started it all. I created HYP Candles after my pregnancy with Orla. I trained to teach hypnobirthing and wanted to produce natural and safe aromatherapy candles to give to my clients to use for relaxation practice. Then the idea grew from there and I decided to look at other ways aromatherapy could help women through pregnancy.

  1. How do you achieve your work life balance?

I feel like it’s all merging into one at the moment - I’m not great at this to be honest! Baby bedtimes and sleeping through haven’t been working out that well for us, so the balance feels a bit off as the evenings disappear and we’re both working at crazy times of night. We’ll get there...
HYP Pregnancy Candle: Restore ACORN & PIP

  1. Where does your support come from?

It’s ALL about the fam. My husband is brilliant and an amazing Daddy. Next up are my parents and in-laws who take it in turn to travel to us for two days a week to look after Orla - I know how seriously lucky we are to have help like that. But, the biggest shout out has to go to my Dad, who kick started HYP Candles with me by being my right hand man when perfecting the candle making – hero!

  1. What is the best business advice that you’ve been given?

I was told at a Manchester Mamas Collective meet-up about the importance of having a business plan in place… this is not my idea of fun but I know how important it is to keep you focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

  1. What’s the best part of running your own business?

I’m just starting out, so at the moment I’m nervous about the unknown, but I’m pretty excited that I could be starting something that could be a success and that I’ve done that all myself.
HYP Pregnancy Candle: Energise ACORN & PIP

  1. If your child were a fruit, what would they be?

Ummm, maybe a starfruit? They’re pretty unique and special - words I’d definitely use to describe Orla.

  1. If you could create a hashtag that summed up your life, what would it be?

#lesshastemorespeedandalotlesshotandbothered – I definitely need to slow down sometimes and stop trying to do too many things at once.

  1. We all love a bit of social media indulgence (stalking), who are your top 3 accounts to follow?

@TheMumClub – set up quite recently by two Mamas, one of whom is local to me. Blogs, articles and events all centered around motherhood
@Steph_Don’tBuyHerFlowers - pure genius on Instagram Stories and regularly has me in stitches
@Paperknots – Lisa designed my candle packaging and her Instagram page is pastel loveliness and just SO pretty

  1. What are your favourite things to do with the kids in your local area?

We’re a quick tram ride into Manchester, so free trips to the Whitworth Gallery and the Manchester Art Gallery are great - they’re really geared up for kids but it also feels like you’ve managed to do something for yourself too, like actual grown-up stuff!

  1. What are your favourite bedtime stories?

We’re all about the Gruffalo and the Stick Man at the moment – bedtimes powered by Julia Donaldson are the only way to go for us. Love her.

  1. How do you relax?

I love a box-set – brain-off, in front of the TV with a bar of dark chocolate. Also, if we can wangle some babysitting, we love to eat out. Cal and I stopped doing birthday presents a couple of years ago and instead book a great treat meal somewhere. That is pure indulgence for me.

  1. What are your top 3 picks from Acorn & Pip?

The new Luggy baskets – Absolutely love these new additions and can definitely see Orla marching around with one of those at some point very soon.
The Jax and Hedley collection - just gorgeous clothes and always catch my eye when I’m having a scout on the website.
Wildfire Teepees - We’ve just finished decorating Orla’s bedroom and we bought one as a finishing touch at Christmas. A firm fave for all of us.
Love Becks x
February 06, 2017 — admin