Hey lovely mamas. I hope the New Year has been good to you so far. Whether you’re kicking ass or just cracking on; sticking to your resolutions or sticking a finger up to the whole thing; whichever way you roll I hope it’s working out for you.
And me? Well, I had a few resolutions…
Get organised
Eat healthy
Stop swearing
And since then I’ve had many conversations along the lines of…
I’ll do it in a minute.
Damn. Should have prepped earlier.
Erm guys. It’s beans for tea again. Sorry!
So yeah, things have been going pretty well. But it’s no biggy. There’s always next year, right?
Because I have this tiny person busting my chops every single day, reminding me that I must try again. He doesn’t care that yesterday’s mealtime was a disaster. I mean, he can’t remember what happened yesterday anyway. But what he does remember is the important stuff. That he was fed, clothed and loved. Then he reminds me that today is a new day and another chance to get things right.
Ahhhh, he’s great isn’t he? Such a clever little boy. Not just a snotty face.
And so for my first blog post of the year I thought I’d share a bunch of stuff my kid taught me, ‘cos he’s actually a bit of a genius and he’s not even 2 yet!
It’s all about the baby steps.
My kid is a late developer (just like his mother). While his pals were running around like mini Mo Farahs, my guy was still shuffling around on the floor, getting his knees dirty and snapping round my ankles like a rabid Jack Russell.
I tried not to worry but I was worried, like really worried.
Was he worried?
Nah, was he heck as like. He was taking his sweet time without a care in the world. He knew he’d get there in the end. Now he’s running around, chuffed as mustard, and there really is no stopping him.
The possibilities of what that guy’s gonna do with his little legs are endless. Egg and spoon races; long country walks; and oh my god, mother and son dance routines! Hell yeah! Can’t wait for that. He’s nailed the Riverdance, I’m sure he’ll be moonwalking in no time.
But no pressure son, just when you’re ready, okay?
So while I’m freaking out about where I am and where I want to be, I must remember that you’ve got to start somewhere. As long as I’m taking baby steps in the right direction I should get there in the end.
Celebrate the small stuff.
I love watching my son get excited by his achievements and I get a real buzz from whooping like a cheerleader at all the little things he does.
He used a spoon.
‘Go Teddy! Go Teddy!
He brushed his teeth.
‘Go Teddy! Go Teddy!
He didn’t kick me in the tits when I changed his bottom.
‘Go Teddy! Go Teddy!
Now that’s the kind of encouragement and enthusiasm I need more of in my life.
I brushed my hair.
‘Go Mama! Go Mama!
I fed the kid.
‘Go Mama! Go Mama!
I changed his bottom without getting my tits kicked in.
‘Go Mama! Go Mama!
I feel like a winner already.
Do it my way.
This is something I have always had a problem with. I’m so bad for comparing myself to others. Forever worried that I’m doing things wrong because I do things a little differently. But my kid, well he just doesn’t give a damn. He reckons it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.
‘Buckets aren’t hats.’
‘So what?’
‘This is how the other kids do it.’
‘Nah, that’s boring, I like it my way.’
‘Don’t go down the slide like that.’
‘Up yours mum, it’s well better this waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!’
Wow. Look at him go. What an inspiration.
Say ‘Pweee’.
I’m so proud that this is one of his first words. Such a polite young man, well, when he’s not snatching, scratching, headbutting, kicking and screaming of course. The clever little sausage has figured out that if he says ‘Pweee’ nicely enough he might just get what he wants. I like his style. I think there’ll be a lot more polite requests this year, starting with this one…
Pweee can you do the night shift and pweee will you bring a bottle of wine home, immediately. Pweeeeeeeee!!!
And don’t forget to say ‘Anchoo’.
I know I’m biased but my kid’s first words are adorable. Anchoo this, anchoo that. Oh it’s beautiful. He’s lovely. I’m so proud. If he wasn’t such a menace to society I could totally imagine him saving the world and bagging a Nobel Peace Prize or something.
Like I said before, my kid knows what really matters, and saying Anchoo at every opportunity is the most important thing he’s taught me so far. Now more than ever I am reminded of how lucky I am and I’m so grateful for everything I have and everyone I get to share it with.
So before I sign off I’d like to say anchoo
Anchoo for the tiny feet that keep me awake at night but make me so proud
Anchoo for the ridiculous behaviour that makes me smile even when I’m sad
Anchoo for the little lunatic that will not stop, and won’t let me stop either
Anchoo for the best and most loveliest of reasons to try a bit bloody harder
Oh and of course to you lovely people, anchoo for reading.
With love
Nicola x
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January 23, 2017 — admin