Blooming ‘eck it’s the 14th February.

That special time of year when people ask,
What did you get?
And I reply,
Oh we don’t do Valentines Day.
Secretly hoping I’ll go home and be surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers or some grand gesture.
It never happens.
And secretly I’m always a little bit disappointed.
And I shouldn’t be. It’s my own fault. I didn’t get him anything either. Cos y’know, we don’t do Valentines do we.
Well maybe this year it should be different. Maybe this year we should make an effort. St. Valentine had to go through some seriously unromantic shiz just so we could purchase heart print undies from Tesco in the name of love.
I have a few more reasons too.
It goes without saying (although I’m saying it anyway) that we have very little time for romance since the kid arrived. And whenever we do get time to ourselves there’s a million other things we wanna do.
Erm, sleep, sleep, sleep and my personal fave SLEEP!
It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind/grime and I probably should take some time to let the other half know he’s still a bit of alright. I’ve never been rom-com kind of romantic but I am a bit of a cheeseball at heart. Pre-kid I was known, on occasion, to leave little notes for my other half.
‘Miss you.’
‘You’re the best.’
‘I love you more than curry and chips.’
Now I just leave dirty nappies.
But I should be more romantic because, much like the legendary Meatloaf, I’d do anything for love. I’d give up booze for 9 months. I’d give up a full nights sleep for several years. I’d get my boobs out on public transport. I’d do all that stuff and more, without even moaning about it! Oh no, actually I won’t do that. Hey even Meatloaf had his limits. You gotta draw the line somewhere.
And finally Valentines Day should be celebrated because we must make time for mum and dad squeezes too. I want my kid to see his parents being affectionate. In hope that some of that affection will rub off. (I know love hurts but when your kid hits your eyes, that’s not amore mate. That’s frigging painful!) And if it fails to minimise the physical abuse we endure on a daily basis, then hopefully he can spread the love elsewhere and help make this crazy world a better place.
And now I’ve established that we should celebrate it. But how? It’s a different story now there are three of us. Well here are a few ideas I have up my sleeve…

  • Homemade card. Simple. Effective. Cheap as chips. And a guaranteed tearjerker no matter how crap it is. As long the kid puts his stamp on it you can’t go wrong.


  • I had a cunning plan of finding my other half’s bank details, buying myself something expensive then blaming the kid. I’ll never get away with that one will I?


  • My kid has only just started talking and is yet to repeat the words I Love You. But instead I might make him a little sandwich board like a modern day cupid. ‘I love you more than Tellytubbies’ on the front and ‘I’d give you my last fruit YoYo’ on the back. (He probably wouldn’t though)


  • Enjoy a romantic nightlight lit dinner. I believe Heinz do tins of heart shaped spaghetti perfect for the occasion.


  • A nice bottle of wine. Standard.


  • Group hug before bedtime stories. Always.


  • When the kid’s gone to bed I’ll slip into something more comfortable. Like really As in, biggest granny pants ever. Phwor.


  • Not forgetting the best idea of all. Write a blog post about celebrating Valentines Day and get your other half to proofread it. Making sure to leave plenty of hints about wanting about a nice posh flowers, not the cheapo ones from Aldi.

Oh and how will I treat the other half? Well he’s on a promise isn’t he!
Hubba Hubba.
A promise that I’ll take the nappy bin out before he gets home.
With love
Nicola x
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February 14, 2017 — admin