Have you been to The Piece Hall in Halifax yet?

Quoted as being Yorkshire’s most important secular building, 'the Grade I listed Piece Hall, Halifax is a rare and precious thing, an architectural and cultural phenomenon which is absolutely unique. It is the only remaining Georgian cloth hall in the world, the sole survivor of the great eighteenth century northern cloth halls, a class of buildings which embodied the vital and dominant importance of the trade in hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy of the West Riding of Yorkshire, from the Middle Ages through to the early nineteenth century.'

Here's why we love going to the Piece Hall (TPH) with the kids:

1. The toy shop just outside TPH is a delightful place where you can always pick up a great Lego set, Schliech toy or puzzle.

2. The whole place is pedestrianised meaning the kids can run around to their hearts' desire and it's big too so races up and down are fun!

3. In the summertime, they have shallow water fountains for the kids to play in.

4. the cafes and restaurants all around TPH are great for kids and adults to spend the afternoon watching the world go by.

5. The Square Chapel Arts Centre, just outside the main gates, is a great venue, i've linked it here What's On - Square Chapel Arts Centre

6. There is always a wealth of events of so check out the link to see what's coming up Culture - What's On at The Piece Hall | The Piece Hall

7. Our favourite play space for kids Express Yourself Studio - Imagine ~ Create ~ Play is 2 minutes away from the main square and a great activity for kids from tiny up to 7 years old. 

8. Our favourite places to eat and drink are here:

Temperance (boroughgeneralstore.com)

Pride and Provenance – Halifax (prideandprovenancehalifax.com)

The Astronomer - Bar | The Piece Hall

9. And then of course the mega Eureka museum is quite literally just round the corner which if you're travelling over to Halifax with kids, this spot is an absolute must! Home - Eureka - The National Children's Museum.

April 05, 2023 — Holly Whyatt-Brady