So, here we are again; lockdown take three! It’s been a strange old year and we find ourselves, staying home once more. The days are shorter, the nights are darker, and now, the importance of self care is more profound than ever. So, we have curated some tips on how to stay centred during the latest lockdown.
Establish a routine.
Having a routine, even if you have no plans, is so important for wellbeing. Routine allows you to keep focused and feel accomplished once tasks are completed (even if it’s making time to sit down and read a magazine). Keeping your days structured helps to create balance whilst keeping busy! This beautiful notebook from Gather & Give is perfect for writing your daily to do lists and will help remind you to ‘radiate positivity!’
The Great Outdoors.
When it feels like the walls are closing in, there’s no better tonic than getting wrapped up and heading out for some fresh air - it really does soothe the soul! What better way to keep the kids interested on long walks than with this Nature Walk Board from What We Made. Collect treasures from your walk & proudly display them on this board when you arrive back home. 
Find a new hobby!
Now is the perfect time to practise that new hobby you’ve been eager to try all year. Is it finally time to open the Couch To 5k app that has been sitting in your phone for months? Or even attempt to master a new craft? These friendship bracelet weaving kits from The Sewcial Circle make for the perfect rainy day activity & will make the perfect gift to friends we haven’t seen in a while. 
Treat Yourself!
Now is the time to look inwards, You can’t be everything to everyone, if you're not there for yourself. Creating time for yourself doesn’t have to be hours of pampering, it can be as simple as allowing yourself time for a skincare routine before bed or a calming bath. Get that at-the-spa feel with these organic, vegan bath melts from Gather & Give.
Adapt & be kind to yourself.
This is not a normal situation and however you are feeling, is valid. This will eventually all be a memory; bend, but don’t break, and remember to give yourself some slack. The Mood Cards from the Mood Club are a fantastic resource to give yourself the daily reminder that you’re doing just fine, and contain hints and tips on how to stay balanced.
January 18, 2021 — admin