For better or worse, Valentine’s Day 2021 will be one to remember! Whether you prefer sitting in a bustling restaurant or cosying down at home, it’s about appreciating quality time with your loved ones. Here’s some ideas on how to spend your lockdown Valentine’s Day...


Order from your favourite restaurant

You know that little bistro in the village that is always fully booked? This is a great opportunity to support them and dine from the comfort of your own home - win win! Order something you would never usually cook at home and make an effort to dress your table, get the posh wine glasses out & light some candles.


Movie night

Shortlist a few of your favourite films and pick one out of a hat to watch to eliminate the painful browsing time. You could even create a grazing platter to make the night extra special. Lock your phone away, turn the lights down and grab the popcorn!


Plan a virtual event

If you prefer a little structure to your evening, there are so many online resources for planning a themed event. From cocktail making classes to chocolate tasting events (yup...chocolate tasting!) there’s sure to be something to suit everyone!


Go star gazing

Ok, it’s the middle of February, I know...but hear me out...according to, Sirius is going to be twinkling bright and will flash out-of-this-world colours from around 9:30pm. So wrap up warm, grab a cuppa and embrace the cold - it will be worth it!


Make plans for post-lockdown

Dreaming of what could have been is not what we are about, however, what better time to make note of what you want to do once lockdown is over. Talk about what you have missed most & make plans to do the simple things - because after all, it won’t last forever.

February 11, 2021 — admin