Advice from the mouths of babes.

Starting school is a transformational experience for our little ones and their families and many of us will be able to clearly recall our first days. Personally, I can vividly remember starting secondary school where I was both excited (mainly to be wearing a new uniform) and also terrified.
Recently, I was lucky enough to meet a group of 12 year olds who boldly offered up advice about starting big school (primary or secondary). Listening to their wisdom and kindness made me feel assured that anyone going to school with these wonderful kids would be in safe hands. So, what did they have to say...
1. "I would tell them that just believe in yourself and everything will be okay and achieve your dreams. You're not alone, we're together as a school. We will help you whenever you need."
2. "Don't be afraid of ANYTHING."
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3. "Do not be so afraid because you will know where everything is after a few days. There will always be lovely pupils around to guide you to your lessons. If you have any problems, there will always be phenomenal teachers to comfort you. Make new friends and enjoy every moment you have at your new school."
4. "Be confident. Achieve goals. Challenge yourself."
5. "Don't be shy, do what you think is right for you. Also, treat others the way you want to be treated and the most important thing is to achieve your dreams."
6. "Do what you want. Be yourself because that's the best you can be."
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7. 'My advice would be to always be prepared and always have the right equipment, especially a compass and a ruler. Be brave and try not to get in to trouble."
8. "Have fun and never ever think that you are alone."
9. "Don't be nervous, everyone will support you if you need or if you are a bit worried just ask someone. And remember to not give up and you can reach the stars."
10. "Always say thank you to the dinner ladies, they might even give you extra big dinners!"
Their main theme was about bravery; being brave, being yourself and not to be afraid, which reminded me about an amazing TED clip that i'd seen a while back which echoed their sentiments exactly. What a beautiful message for our kids.
We'd love to hear any tips that you have! Good luck kids (and parents!)
Love Lucy x
August 30, 2016 — admin