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I was thrilled when I opened the second pen pal letter from the wonderful Essex Mama as I was already a major fan girl! @essexmama has a dedicated online following thanks to her super inspirational posts and awesome tees!
In the early days, Essex Mama was desperate to put her twitchy creative hands to use again after a two year break. Feeling her wardrobe needed a bit of a lift, she updated an old white tee with a 'GIRL GANG' logo as she couldn't find one anywhere online to buy. After an unintentional Instagram selfie, messages came flooding in from folk wanting to know where the tee came from and that is where Essex Mama Presents...begins!
Essex Mama Blog Piece
Who are you?
Liz Cadman - Mum to Henry who is 2.5, partner to Norman and new start-up owner of Essex Mama and girl gang supporter! All my tees are designed to promote good vibes, togetherness & empowerment. You are not alone. Not you, not me, not anyone. Keep the GIRL GANG vibes alive! Girl Gang For Life!
How does motherhood inspire your work?
I want to be the best role model I can be to my little boy, creating a positive and empowering environment for him. 
How do you achieve your work life balance?
I don't! Not yet! I hope one day that I can achieve this but as a mum with a high octane toddler, it's impossible to do both! I work once everyone has been fed and Henry is in bed. 
Girl Gang Tee Essex Mama
Where does your support come from?
My partner Norman - my biggest fan :) My parents - the ad-hoc babysitters! The Insta Girl Gang of other mothers and women in business. 
What is the best business advice that you've been given?
Trust your instincts! Have faith and don't try so hard to be accepted by others. 
Baby Girl Gang Essex Mama
If your child were a fruit, what would they be?
Henry would definitely be a pineapple - a bit crazy to look at, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour!
If you could create a hashtag that summed up your life, what would it be?
From Mums With Love x
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September 05, 2016 — admin