A sling is rarely on the list of essentials you get when you are expecting your first baby yet sling libraries believe it should be right there with nappies and baby grows. Why?
When your baby finally arrives skin side they are little helpless bundles, they look to you for everything and the outside world can seem daunting if not scary, for the last 9 months they have been nestled in a warm cosy place where they can hear and smell you, and they long to be held in your arms in a comforting embrace, a safe place from which they can begin to learn about the world around them.

Did you know?

  • Babies cry, it is their only way to tell us that something isn’t quite as it should be, babies held in slings cry 50% less than those placed in bouncers, car seats etc.

  • Babies suffering from colic benefit from being held upright for up to an hour after feeding.

  • Babies held in slings spend more time in quiet alert time, the time when they learn the most.

  • Using a sling can reduce your chance of getting postnatal depression and can speed up your recovery.

  • ‘Sling time’ reduces the chance of flat head syndrome.

The convenience of slings cannot be beaten. Steps, shopping, nipping from the car to the post office, no problem. How many prams are already on the bus? Will a disabled person be in the pram space on the train? Walking in the woods? Slings can get your life back to normal in a way that prams just can’t.

What is a sling library and why would I need one?

Slinglibrary.com is a not for profit service that has over 400 slings and carriers across 6 different locations. Its aim is to find the right sling for you and your baby or child. Every sling has a different fit and style. Finding one that works for you can be a costly business. All the slings held in the library hold your baby or child in the anatomically optimal position with support for the head, spine, hips and legs. Run by baby carrying consultants, qualified sling librarians and local volunteer mums slinglibrary.com aims to find the right sling for you and your baby or child.
If your baby is under 5 months old pop to our bump to baby workshop, where you will learn all about sling safety, optimal positioning for comfort and the pros and cons of different sling and carrier types. If your baby is over 5m or if you have attended the bump to baby session then pop to our drop in sling library sessions. You can bring your own sling to get it fitted and get help with positioning, try on different types of carrier or even hire one for a month, to see if it works for you. You can also hire for a special event or holiday. There is a small charge and a deposit is needed. Drop in sling library sessions are held weekly, details are on the website www.slinglibrary.com
Private one to one consultations with a trained Babywearing instructor are also available by appointment.
Terms and conditions, and your next library session can be found at www.slinglibrary.com.
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September 30, 2019 — admin