NATIONAL WEANING WEEK 2018 7th - 13th May 2018 #WeaningWeek2018

Acorn & Pip meets Caroline from Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies

1) Who are you?
Hello, I’m Caroline, the mummy behind the family food blog, ‘Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies’. I am a mum to three children, Isabelle, 6, Joey, 4 and Samuel, 2. I create and publish nutritious recipes for busy families.
Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies

2) What inspired you to become a parent blogger?
On my journey to wean my three children I learnt so much about cooking, creating recipes and encouraging my children to eat new, exciting flavours and food. I felt like I had something to share which might be helpful to other parents. So I started to share photos of the food and ideas I was creating with friends and family, who encouraged me to start a blog. The rest is history! ‘Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies’ is a personal project which had grown into what I believe (and I have been told!) is a helpful platform for nutritious meals and recipes the whole family can enjoy.
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3) If you had to pick, what would be your funniest story from motherhood so far?
There have been so many funny moments as a mum but it is the things that toddlers say that have really made me laugh-I think my daughter telling my father in law that if he drank all the wine he would be really shrunk has to be one of the funniest things she’s said!
4) What’s your proudest moment of motherhood so far?
Like all mothers I feel proud everyday of my children but as a food blogger nothing makes me prouder than watching my children enjoy trying different foods, seeing them tuck into vegetable chilli bowls, sweet potato nachos and green smoothies makes me very happy indeed!

5) If you could give one piece of advice to a brand new mum what would it be?
It sounds like such a cliché, and everyone says it, but really do try to cherish every moment with your newborn. I couldn’t believe how quickly those first few special weeks went with my brand new daughter. You don’t get those days back. Seven years on, as pre-school looms for my youngest, I realise that time really does fly. Enjoy every second, even if you’re more tired than you thought you could ever be!
Read Caroline's Easter cookie recipe here: https://acornandpip.comeaster-cookies-for-clean-little-tummies/Caroline is talking tomorrow about her weaning journey and also giving us her favourite recipes!
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