How to plan and style the ultimate kid's party with The Jelly Rabbit

  1. Who are you, what do you do?

My name is Sarah and I run an online children’s party boutique called The Jelly Rabbit.
2. How does motherhood inspire your work?
The Jelly Rabbit was actually born out of doing parties for my own children and not finding what I wanted, I have a background in the creative industry and found this the perfect way to use my creativity while looking after them both.
3. What is the best advice you have been given?
Never be afraid to ask for help!
4. What is the best part of owning your own business?
Definitely the flexibility is wonderful when you have small children and when it's going well it makes you feel incredibly proud of what you can achieve.
5. If you could create a hashtag that summed up you life, what would it be?

How to plan and style the ultimate kid's party:

How to plan and style the ultimate kid's party

I could write A LOT on this but I will try and give you the basics that i have found most helpful.

  • Send out your invites in good time to ensure a good turn out!


  • If you have the space host the party at home, lots of kids feel more comfortable in their own home. If you can't however cope with 25 hyperactive 5 year olds treading cake into your favourite rug, book a venue and don’t feel guilty. Make sure you do this in plenty of time, the good ones book up fast.


  • Have 4 hours of games planned if your doing it yourself. I know this sounds insane but you will be amazed at the speed you go through them and sometimes your audience will not enjoy them so you will need to move onto the next quicker than you had planned! Favourites for all ages are Tug of war, treasure hunts and pass the parcel.

pass the parcel kit

  • If you're in a venue bring as many decorations as you can to cheer the place up, they are usually a bit bland. A little confetti can go a long way and looks like a party immediately (just remember to sweep up after)


  • Remember you can NEVER have enough balloons (especially helium filled) they are an instant party. We love a ceiling full with dangling strings, they look great and can double as going home gifts. Go multicoloured for an instant party look or stick to a colour palette of 1 or 2 colours for something a little more sophisticated.

giant unicorn balloon

  • If you're doing a theme, follow it through from invites, cake, decorations, entertainment and goody bags, it can even be just the colour that follows through. It gives your party a much more pulled together feel.


  • Think outside the box with your themes - we love using fun things for food containers, mini buckets with fish and chips for a beach party, large oyster shells for a mermaid party, mess tins for a camp or camping party and popcorn boxes make great party bags for a film or circus party.


  • Don't forget candles, matches and a knife for the birthday cake!

giant balloon party

  • Most important try and have fun!

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June 04, 2018 — admin