Encouraging healthy eating habits in children can be a daunting task, but it's essential for their growth and development. Here are some practical tips to make healthy eating fun and manageable for your family.

  1. Involve Kids in Meal Planning and Preparation:
    • Grocery Shopping: Let your children help pick out fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods at the store.
    • Cooking Together: Involve them in simple cooking tasks like washing vegetables, stirring ingredients, or setting the table. This fosters a sense of ownership and excitement about meals.
  2. Make Healthy Foods Fun:
    • Creative Presentations: Arrange fruits and vegetables into fun shapes or faces on the plate.
    • Colorful Choices: Offer a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to make meals visually appealing.
  3. Set a Good Example:
    • Eat Together: Make family meals a priority and demonstrate healthy eating habits yourself.
    • Positive Attitude: Show enthusiasm for trying new foods and avoid making negative comments about certain foods.
  4. Establish Regular Meal and Snack Times:
    • Consistent Schedule: Serve meals and snacks at roughly the same times each day to help regulate your child's appetite.
    • Balanced Snacks: Offer nutritious snacks like yogurt, nuts, or fruit instead of sugary or processed options.
  5. Encourage Mindful Eating:
    • Listen to Hunger Cues: Teach your children to listen to their bodies and eat when they're hungry, not out of boredom or habit.
    • Avoid Distractions: Encourage eating at the table without screens or other distractions to focus on the meal.

Our favourite family food accounts are:

  1. Weelicious (Catherine McCord)
    • Instagram: @weelicious
    • Catherine McCord focuses on simple, healthy, and fun recipes for families. Her content is geared towards making healthy eating appealing and accessible for both kids and parents.
  2. Feeding Littles (Megan McNamee & Judy Delaware)
    • Instagram: @feedinglittles
    • Megan McNamee, a dietitian, and Judy Delaware, an occupational therapist, provide tips and recipes for feeding babies, toddlers, and kids. Their practical advice and creative meal ideas make healthy eating easier for families.
  3. Kids Eat in Color (Jennifer Anderson)
    • Instagram: @kids.eat.in.color
    • Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietitian who offers evidence-based advice and colorful, nutritious recipes to help parents manage picky eating and promote a healthy diet for their kids.
  4. Yummy Toddler Food (Amy Palanjian)
    • Instagram: @yummytoddlerfood
    • Amy Palanjian shares easy and healthy recipes designed specifically for toddlers and young kids. Her content includes tips on dealing with picky eaters and ensuring balanced nutrition for little ones.
  5. My Fussy Eater (Ciara Attwell)
    • Instagram: @myfussyeater
    • Ciara Attwell creates recipes that cater to picky eaters and offers practical solutions to make mealtime less stressful. Her family-friendly recipes are nutritious and designed to appeal to kids.

These influencers provide a wealth of resources and inspiration for families looking to encourage healthy eating habits.

Promoting healthy eating habits in children is a gradual process that requires patience and creativity. By involving your kids in the process and making healthy foods fun and appealing, you can set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.

June 11, 2024 — Lucy Estherby