My son is obsessed with NOT BEING A BABY. It's a sweet stage where every action is defined by whether a baby would do it or whether a 'big boy' would do it. In reality, nothing changes, he still adores his cuddly toys and even likes to play with the baby's teething toys - just like kids do.
I think the age 3 is a really lovely age where they can suddenly explore lots of different types of play without worrying too much about small parts, they are dextrous enough, their problem solving skills reach new highs and they have a teeny bit more concentration to begin to play for longer and role play becomes the new THING.
So here's what's on the list this year. Click on the images for links.

  1. A wobble board: my kids play dens all the time and can decimate a room in about 4.1 seconds so the addition on a wobble board (renewed for their open ended play-ness) means he / they can add it to their den structures, take it in the garden, play boats, car bridges - literally the list is endless!

2. Maileg mice are on our list every year. These tiny adorable mice quickly become their best friends and, just like shoes, you can never have too many! We've gone for the Hiker mouse this year for Ted as the little accessories are adorable.
Maileg: Hiker Mouse Big Brother - heirloom toys for kids at Acorn & Pip

3. Pyjamas. It's certainly the one hangover from lockdown that I'm happy to keep on going. But these pyjamas are so special, with detachable bat wings, I think they're going to make going to bed a real treat!

4. Poo :) My kids really do find poo very very funny and with this poo bingo, poo book and poo memory game, I think they'll be very happy indeed!
Poo Bingo
Poop! - Children's books and learning at Acorn and Pip

5. Potato Head. I have lost count of how many times we've watched Toy Story in the past 12 months (since lockdown and since Disney Plus came in to our lives). I think this is the last character that we need to complete the set.
6. The Obligatory Number Tee! Every year we get the kids their number t-shirt and Bob & Blossom do such lovely colours and they last for the whole year so make a perfect gift!
French Blue & Cream White Stripe Number 3 T-Shirt

7. A story torch. These are so magical and come in many different themes, they make bedtime really mesmerising! I can't wait to try out our explorer theme one with Ted.
Moulin Roty: Storybook Torch

8. Blumer sandals. These gorgeous Liewood sandals are great for little hands to slip on and off themselves and the velcro gives that extra bit of independence!
Liewood Blumer Sandals - Stripe_ Sea blue_sandy

9. I'm a sucker for personalised goodies! I found these ace sweatshirts and the sizing means that they'll last a good while and they're so cute.

10. Chocolate! No birthday would be complete without some chocolate eggs from Tonys!
March 24, 2021 — admin