Let's get flipping! Try out our easy pancake ideas for the kids this pancake day.

1. Baby banana pancakes. Perfect for weaning tots! 

Banana Pancakes are an easy and quick breakfast, lunch or snack for your baby. Made with only 3 simple ingredients – banana, egg and flour, these pancakes are fluffy, soft, and perfect for babies and toddlers! 6 months and up.

2. Rainbow pancakes 🌈

Stack them up and top with whipped cream, maple syrup and mixed berries.

3. Straight up one cup pancakes

This one-cup recipe means you can make pancakes without weighing scales!

4. Vegan blueberry pancakes 🫐

Super healthy pancakes for the whole family to get involved with!

5. Bear pancakes 🐻

The ultimate pancake right here. Watch this easy video to create your little bear cubs.

5 great ideas for the kids this pancake day


February 20, 2022 — Lucy Carol Estherby