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When you put your heart in to a project that you hope will do well enough to put some dinner on the table, it is a joy to feel the love from the beautiful blogger White Camellias.
I think it's time for a cuppa, so have a little break and read her gorgeous blog. You'll feel delightfully inspired.
'I stumbled upon Acorn & Pip on Instagram and I have to say it was love at first sight. With every new post I found myself obsessively browsing their gorgeous online shop and wanting to buy everything! I couldn’t keep this amazing discovery to myself so I have decided to share it with you all as I know you will love Acorn & Pip as much as I do.'
Acorn & Pip was founded by Lucy, after the arrival of her daughter Eden. Lucy wanted to create a space that captured the very essence and beauty of ‘just being a kid’.
Lucy comments: “after the birth of my daughter Eden, the way I saw the world started to evolve. I now see it through the eyes of my daughter and what a world it is! I saw the beauty and imagination that surrounds us and wanted to celebrate this intriguing and exciting world through Acorn & Pip.”
Through hand chosen, carefully curated and ethically sourced products, Acorn & Pip delivers a refreshing range of products for children, mums and the home. Using organic, quality fabrics and materials, the products have been mindfully chosen to include clothes, accessories and a range of toys and home décor.
I recommend you head over to Acorn & Pip’s online shop and delight yourself browsing through all their gorgeous items and remember, have your bank card at the ready because it is impossible not to want to buy everything Acorn & Pip stocks!
Was Acorn & Pip love at first sight for you to?
Love, P'

Thank you White Camellias. We love you xx

May 11, 2016 — admin