Our mid-autumn edition of From Mums With Love comes from the super creative founder and wonderfully lovely Abi, of Red Hand Gang a playful company specialising in nursery decor for boys, girls and brand new babies. Red Hand Gang hangers are a Pinterest favourite; in every wonderfully styled photo of a baby nursery is the cheeky face of one of Abi's playful creations perfectly styled on a shelf or rail.
red-hand-gang-blog-acorn-pipAll of the products in the Red Hand Gang collection (wall hooks, kids' clothes hangers) are designed, illustrated and made by Abi in a little terraced house in Oxford (with the exception of the laser cutting stage of the wooden hangers - this is done locally by a nice chap named Rob). Abi loves designing and making all sorts of stuff and she has an amazing eye for cute and moreish designs.
MM_13_TABLEWAREFrom mums with love: Red Hand Gang
kids clothes hanger pinkWho are you?
Hi! I'm Abi and I run Red Hand Gang.
How does motherhood inspire your work?
My girls' drawings are a great source of inspiration. Kids draw without constraint, just whatever is in their head, and from that comes totally bonkers and brilliant drawings!
How do you achieve your work life balance?
Ha! With difficulty. I work all day until school pick up and then again when they are in bed - and in between I try to concentrate on them - not always an easy balancing act.
Where does your support come from?
I have an awesome boyfriend who helps out, keeps his mouth shut when another box of packaging is delivered and makes a mean G&T.kids clothes hanger
What is the best business advice that you've been given?
Do what you love - it is tough so it has to carry you through the hard bits!
If your child were a fruit, what would they be?
Harper would have to be a watermelon - tough to get in to but a beautiful delight when you do. Sylvie - adorable / crazy / moody / hilarious - what fruit is that?! (leave your suggestions in the comments!)kids clothes hanger mint
If you could create a hashtag that summed up your life, what would it be?
From Mums With Love x
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