Taking on the role as educator, on top of everything else that needs to be done in our lives has been an epic task. Speaking from personal experience, I have found it extremely challenging. Keeping up with the demands of homeschooling and lacking inspiration (away from a screen) has proved really difficult.
I have pulled together a homeschool edit that may help if you, like me, have struggled!

Early Years:

Your child will mostly be taught through games and play.
The areas of learning are:

  • communication and language

  • physical development

  • personal, social and emotional development

  • literacy

  • mathematics

  • understanding the world

  • expressive arts and design

Our top screen free learning aids are:
Tender Leaf Toys: Peacock Colours. A beautiful painted wooden peacock with 5 tail feathers to see the world in different colours! The coloured acrylic windows can be overlaid to see how colour mixes to create new ones. (expressive arts and design |communication and language)
Yellow Door: Lowercase Alphabet Pebbles. Take a hands-on approach to learning letters with our tactile Alphabet Pebbles. Specially cast from our unique stone and resin mix, these popular alphabet pebbles appeal to children’s instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect. They are durable enough to be used in sand, water and outdoors. (communication and language |literacy)
Yellow Door: Little People Sensory Play Set. These charming little people have been designed to invite play, but not dictate it. The stone mix they are made from means that they are durable enough for outside use in all weathers and environments. They have a warmth to them, while having no facial expression, and hence no directive as to how they should be used or what they are feeling. (expressive arts and design |communication and language | understanding the world | personal, social and emotional development)

Key Stage 1

All pupils in this Key Stage must follow a programme of education in the six areas of learning in the curriculum:

  • Language and Literacy.

  • Mathematics and Numeracy.

  • The Arts.

  • The World Around Us.

  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

  • Physical Education.

Our top screen free learning aids are:
Galt Toys: Playmoney. Children will enjoy learning about money with this play set of quality coins and notes. The set contains over 100 pieces and an eight section tray with coin stickers for sorting and for use as a till tray for imaginative play. A play guide with helpful tips and fun games is included to help to support your child’s learning at home through hands-on activities. (Mathematics and Numeracy | The World Around Us)
With 12 shades of skin colours, Colour Me crayons are designed to celebrate the diversity of our world. The triangular shape and optimal size to promote an efficient pencil grip. (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding | The World Around Us | The Arts)
BigJigs Toys: Number Tray. Learn to count to 100 with this beautifully crafted wooden tray. Features numbers from 1 to 100 in a variety of different colours. Learn to count with this colourful Number Tray, featuring numbers from 1 to 100. Its simple and attractive design will ensure young minds stay fully engaged as they work through learning numbers from 1 to 100. Ideal for both the classroom and playroom, this 100 piece set is a great way to hone fine motor skills. (Mathematics and Numeracy | Language and Literacy)

Key Stage 2

At KS2 the learning becomes split out in to many subjects including:

  • English

  • maths

  • science

  • design and technology

  • history

  • geography

  • art and design

  • music

  • physical education (PE), including swimming

  • computing

  • ancient and modern foreign languages (at key stage 2)

Our top screen free learning aids are:
Galt Toys: Horrible Science Game – Germ Attack! Beat the germs in a ruthless race through the body Play as the shrunken scientists or gruesome germs and be the first team to race through the body to reach the heart. Roll the dice to move along the blood cells, answering questions about gruesome guts, brutal bacteria or vicious viruses for bonus moves along the way. An exciting game for 2-6 players to teach children fun and fouled facts about the body. (Science | English)
BigJigs Toys: Fractions Tray. This fantastically simple educational toy allows children to get hands-on with fractions, providing a visual and tactile way to teach fractions and their relationships. Colour coded pieces help little ones to visualise and identify fractions with ease as they line up the tiles in the tray. The brightly coloured wooden pieces will ensure young minds stay fully engaged as they learn fractions from 1 to 1/12. (Maths)
Engineering Scribble Book. This write-in activity book is packed with puzzles to solve, objects to design and colour, inventions to brainstorm and experiments to do – using only the book and the contents of your pencil case. All based on clear scientific and engineering principles.
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