Our pen pal letter has found its way home again and this time it was sent with love from the wonderful Sarah Weston, founder and creative genius behind Buddy + Bear. Buddy + Bear is an award winning world of playful design for the modern family, making weaning and dinner times a lot more stylish! Bear Egg CupBuddy + Bear have a loyal following of super creative customers, as seen on Instagram. It’s always a joy to see how customers have created amazing dinnertime inspo with the Buddy + Bear tableware range.
MM_13_TABLEWAREFrom mums with love: Buddy + Bear
The creative venture of graphic designers Sarah and Jon Weston began towards the end of 2014, shortly after they became parents to Sammy. Faster than their little bundle grew, their once minimal home filled with garish hues and noisy buttons. They instantly recognized a need for products that would blur the boundaries of taste between grown ups and their little ones and wanted to offer a gentler approach to kid’s design. Using themes such as time-telling, fruit, shapes and letters, Sarah and Jon strongly believe in the power of learning through play. Their sweetly humorous collection is carefully considered to engage young minds and spark hungry imaginations. With bold yet subtle illustrations and colour-ways, their timeless style reflects the mix of sensitivity and playful charm that childhood is all about.
Tableware BannerWho are you?
Sarah Weston owner of Buddy + Bear.
How does motherhood inspire your work?
Seeing what makes Sammy's face light up and my life more enjoyable as a parent. Wanting to make things happen for our family's future.
How do you achieve your work life balance?
I don't always! I try to separate family time from work time - tell myself emails can wait!! I try to give Sammy my full attention. This is an art in itself!
Where does your support come from?
My husband - co-founder and wonderful designer! He keeps me sane; as does my mum (and dad) They help so much :)
Yay TrayWhat is the best business advice that you've been given?
Have systems in place that you can rely on! I'm still working on this but anything that can be done without you in order to free up time for important stuff is such a good thing.
If your child were a fruit, what would they be?
A sweet little peach :) Failing that, a watermelon as he's eaten three times his own body weight of it lately!
Dinner Time PlateIf you could create a hashtag that summed up your life, what would it be?
From Mums With Love x
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