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Bedtime is such a sweet treat for parents and children and nothing is more wonderful than being able to tuck your little one up in bed. I fell in love with Becky's designs at Didi + Bud as they captured pure childhood pureness with a little wink to English heritage. These gorgeous pjs are now part of the Acorn & Pip gang and we absolutely love that they are made sustainably with non-toxic dyes and all made in the UK. I caught up with Becky to see how she manages it all and more!Didi + Bud Blog

  1. Who are you?

Hi! I'm Becky - tea dependant, mummy to "Bud & Didi" + baby number three due July. Otherwise known to some as @just_another_instamum

  1. How does motherhood inspire your work?

I've gone from being in the corporate world where everything is structured and regulated - to having two babies 19 months apart - where everything is winging it! Motherhood has given me a need to be flexible and to be able to be at home. I've developed a confidence in my creativity that I'd never had before. Sleep has become a big focus in our house - mainly because we weren't getting any and so I wanted to focus on the purest of bedtime routines, with simple, calming clothing with a bit of added personality.

  1. How do you achieve your work life balance?

I'm not sure I have! The children come first - so during their awake hours (5am-7pm) they are my main focus. I spend evenings, nights and any other snippets that I can, working on Didi + Bud.

  1. Where does your support come from?

The children - they choose Didi + Bud Pyjamas every night and won't wear any others. They are my whole inspiration. They understand that countless trips to the post office mean that Mummy is able to be home with them. My hubby - he's fully supported me to be home with the children
and pursue Didi + Bud. And my own folks - who are so encouraging and always there to cover for me!Didi + Bud sleepwear top hats

  1. What is the best business advice that you’ve been given?

"Do what you love, love what you do" We have a piece of art work up at home with this on it so that the children grow up with it too

  1. What’s the best part of running your own business?

The children don't cry when I leave for work in the mornings and every single thing I do on Didi + Bud matters to how it works.

  1. If your child were a fruit, what would they be?

Bananas - because they are!

  1. If you could create a hashtag that summed up your life, what would it be?

top hat sleep suit

  1. We all love a bit of social media indulgence (stalking), who are your top 3 accounts to follow?


  1. What are your favourite things to do with the kids in your local area?

There's a Gruffalo and Stick Man trail near us and the children love. It's in a Pinetum so we get to explore a different part of it every time we go. Whatever we're doing - it's mainly outdoors!

  1. What are your favourite bedtime stories?

We're going on a Bear hunt :)
Winnie the Pooh :)

  1. How do you relax?

I'm just going to google that word....

  1. What are your top 3 picks from Acorn & Pip?

Anything and everything Buddy & Bear - my kitchen is full of it
Mint dipped toy basket...the new nursery is mint and grey - must order one of these!
TurtleDove London Woven Stripe shift dress - because I love their new collection!
We hope you love our new Didi + Bud collection - check it out here!
Love Lucy + Becky
The gorgeous images are courtesy of @babynumber3andme
February 28, 2017 — admin