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Trend Report: What’s BIG in 2019

By Lucy | January 22nd, 2019

What’s trending this year?


T’is the season for trade shows! After our first round of trade shows this January in London it was clear to see the big trends for 2019. So what can we expect to see this year?


  1. The eco game

It’s no surprise that being eco-friendly and eco-conscious is on everyone’s mind this year and it was so good to see this being played out amongst businesses and their product offerings. This ranged from businesses focusing on their own eco footprint, less plastic (or no) wrapping, cutting their waste emissions, using vegan substitutes and using organic processes where possible.

One of my favourite products is the Bees Wax Wraps from Apiary Made as an alternative to cling film.

The lovely owners of this brand spoke to me about why and how they farm bees in the most natural, caring way to ensure their safety on our planet, keeping them thriving and ensuring their safety. At Apiary Made they believe in the power of bees. The wonderful, endless possibilities of the beehive enchants and inspires them everyday. They also believe deeply in humans. They create by the motto that humans deserve and desire healthy products that will help us and our planet thrive. Thirdly, they believe in great companies, ones that want to create healthy, sustainable products, and also make change while they do it.

Check them out here

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word that is often banded around but do we actually know what it means? In our busy; often verging on hectic lives, society is striving to take a break. But how can we do it when time is precious and the to-do list just keeps growing? The mindful journal was a key trend and although it seems quite simplistic, maybe a journal is the key to getting us to stop, take stock, sit down for 5 minutes and think.

Kikki.K had a wonderful range of thoughtful journals for adults and kids.

3. Giving forward

Nowadays it is quite frequent that we see brands offering a portion of their profits to a chosen charity that sits with their brand message. This was quite apparent at the trade shows and not something that should be taken for granted or skimmed over. It was great to see businesses doing this and although this isn’t a ‘trend’ and I hope it is something that will soon become the norm.

SevenSeventeen discussed with me why they have their chosen charity where they donate £1 from each of their products to some brilliant mental health charities, having raised over £10,000 to date.

4. Reuse, reduce, rehydrate

Reusable cups have been around for a long time but this year they have had a major face lift! Their benefits have been honed, their designed has been revamped and suddenly they are an absolute must-have. Psst, Did you know we offer 10% off your drink in store if you use a reusable cup in store?

5. Clay

A colour trend that was popping up was a beautiful shade of clay-brick-pink. Expect to see a lot of this in Spring Summer in our new collections. Fabelab is one our firm favourites and they have done it so well for Spring Summer! Launching March 2019.


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