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Playpa Space


Meet Playpa Space Olli Ella, a revolutionary new concept in creative play by Olli Ella. You can colour it, sticker it, play on it, decorate walls with it. Each 8-metre roll is printed with a repeating space design that your child can colour, sticker and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun.

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Meet Playpa Space by Olli Ella, a revolutionary new concept in creative play. Playpa Space Olli Ella. giant colouring roll space theme. It’s printed with a repeating design that your child can colour, sticker and play on, providing hours of fun. Space travel here we go! Explore the stars, create your own adventures, colour the planets and creatures you meet along the way.

Create stories on it, play with figurines on it, invent games on it, and it can be hung on a wall. The Playpa is perfect for parties, rainy days, sunny days, or when you just need something to keep ‘em entertained for an hour or so. It is a 45cm wide. 8 metre roll.


Olli Ella was founded on the idea that just because something is made for a nursery, it needn’t look out of place elsewhere. From our modern toy storage baskets to our luggys, every piece in the Olli Ella collection is made for a child’s space, but looks fabulous in grown-up spaces too.

At Olli Ella we love to play with colour and design. 

While we are admittedly a kooky bunch at Olli Ella, we are serious about quality. We manufacture all of our nursery furniture and baby bedding in England and Australia using the finest materials. And when we do import from overseas, we hand-pick suppliers who are fair trade and share our ethos of quality and attention to detail.


Olli Ella

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