Viking: Mime Slippers - Grey

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Viking: Mime Slippers - Grey. Mime is a cute indoor slipper and a must-have for this autumn or winter. They are made from warm wool that is naturally antibacterial and odour-free. Inside is a soft and fuzzy inner lining for maximum comfort. An adjustable strap with a buckle gives a snug fit for all types of feet and a non-marking rubber outsole provides good traction on all types of surfaces. This slipper can gently be washed by hand.

  • Wool Blend Material
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Warmlined
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Easy On/Off with Velcro

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At VIKING we support the natural development of the child´s foot. The kid’s feet are vulnerable and soft. From an early age, most of the foot consists of soft cartilage. In the worst case, a too-tight indisposed shoe clamps together the soft foot and prevent a healthy development of the anatomy. On average a child takes 19.500 steps each day. This demand great footwear! When the child is not thinking of the fact that they are wearing shoes, you have found the right pair – the foot should be in charge, not the shoe.

The most important task of footwear is to protect the foot from harsh environments, external objects and weather conditions. This while maintaining a good/stable inner climate; “dry and warm” in winter and “dry and cool” in summer. Scandinavian climates, in particular, require shoes that are built to withstand changes in weather conditions, that can be trusted to protect your child’s feet, an area in which VIKING is an expert.

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