Kitpas: Dustless Chalk- Neon



Kitpas: Dustless Chalk- Neon. Made from calcium carbonate blended with recycled scallop seashells, Dustless Chalk by Kitpas is all-natural chalk product with a smooth, soft texture. It does not include any diary or egg products and it is safe for children who may have allergies. Dustless Chalk comes in bright colours, and it writes vibrantly and smoothly. A pack of 6 Dustless Chalk. Kitpas dustless chalk are made of recycled scallop seashells blended with calcium carbonate Writes smoothly and erases well Non-toxic and safe for children. Made in Japan.

Set of 6 kitpas Chalk (6 fluorescent colours: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue, Violet, White).

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Today, Kitpas has evolved into Japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly art materials. We know you will love our products - let your creativity flow with Kitpas!
KITPAS is guided by the philosophy that everyone, regardless of ability can find happiness and satisfaction through their work. In 1960 we hired our first 2 employees with intellectual disabilities. Since then we have adapted our manufacturing methods and work environment so we can continue to hire employees with different abilities.
Currently 70% of our employees have intellectual disabilities. We all work together in a cooperative space where hourglasses replace clocks and measuring and testing devices have been designed specially for the needs of our employees.
We are committed to enhancing our customers’ creative experience while engaging in earth friendly manufacturing and empowering people with disabilities. Our goal is to have 100 employees with disabilities by the year 2030. We are happy to say that we feel really good about what we are doing in the world!

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