Five Wild Ones: Reward A Routine Post Box & Cards


Five Wild Ones: Reward A Routine Post Box & Cards. An interactive reward based routine game teaching children how to carry out their daily tasks independently all whilst having lots of fun and earning themselves a reward for a job well done.You will receive...
  •  Post Box
  •  31 Daily Routine Cards (which includes 8 x chore cards, 1 x reward card & instructions on how to play)

Five wild Ones set out by designing fun and colourfully illustrated routine cards which could be easily understood for children of all ages, but soon realised this just gave them something to follow, this wasn’t enough - we had to make it fun if it was going to be something they were happy to do each day. This is where the post box and reward card came into play. By combining the fun of posting and a chosen reward that gave the children an incentive to complete their tasks we had created a fun game which encouraged our children to want to complete their daily routine with a lot less stress and struggle than there was before.

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