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playroom decor blog post

Creating a playroom

By Lucy | July 24th, 2018

It’s a place of adults too

I never thought i’d have a playroom but since my daughter has become old enough to litter her toys around the ENTIRE house in nano seconds, we decided to turn our lounge in to a dedicated play space where, at the end of the day, we could simply close the door on all the mess. Of course, the room is freshly done so i’m not that casual about the mess just yet! But you get the idea.

playroom decor blog post

We live in an old Yorkshire terrace house with lots of floors, 5 to be exact. It’s not a huge house but, oh my, there are so many stairs! Since moving here in January, i’ve had to try to implement systems for taking stuff up and down the stairs. It started with stair boxes, so if there was a box on the stairs it needed to go up once it was full – that didn’t work. Everyone ignored the boxes except for me and I was forever carting boxes around the house. Then I tried just chilling the F out and dealing with the constant mess around the house. That didn’t work wither, i’m far to up-tight for that. So then we decided to transform the ‘adult lounge’ in to a playroom. A place where we could dump all the toys and create a place where I wouldn’t nag everyone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT YOUR STUFF AWAY!

playroom decor blog post

So, here’s what we did. We didn’t have a huge budget and wanted to simply smarten up the existing walls, cupboards and floors with a lick of paint. We went for Smoke Room Green on the walls which is really dark but due to the size of the room it worked well. The white woodwork and floor really lifted the colour and helped to balance out the amount of dark on the walls. The thinking behind the wall colour (not including my obsession for the colour green) was that IF the kids drawn on the walls, it won’t be such a big deal. I’m not sure I entirely believe my thinking here but hey ho.

playroom decor blog post

We kept the old red chesterfield in here as it’s a beloved eBay find from many moons ago and it really works with the colour scheme. I love the mix of old and new. The dark green on the walls allowed me to play around with some colour and the natural wood looks great against the wall colour.

playroom decor blog post

I wanted the room to feel spacious, to have usable floor space, to be comfortable and practical. Luckily we inherited some great built-in units which have housed all of the clutter that would have otherwise been still on the stairs waiting for someone to put it away 🙂

playroom decor blog post

I incorporated products from the shop like the hanging book basket for ‘art work’, certificates and bits & bobs, the pollie shelf so that the playpa is always set up and bolga market baskets full of toys that would usually be stuffed in drawers. These are in the ‘study’ area where we used a hinged desk from Ikea so that we can fold it away when we need more floor space.


We set the teepee up which is such a great toy and my daughter adores playing in here. Ideally it would go in the garden but our terraced house doesn’t really have much outside space so we’ve been able to create a home for it inside.

playroom decor blog post

I found the illustrator Wolf Noodle on Instagram a while back and couldn’t wait to get her art up on the walls. It’s really playful and looks full of character for this room. I mixed the art with more minimal pieces from Wonder & Rah and Room 356. 

playroom decor blog post

It’s really lovely to have the toys set up and accessible all the time and also the room has no TV which is such a nice break!


Some of my favourite toys in this room include:

The holdie house

Rocking mammoth

Elvin pouf

White Strolley 

Love ,

Lucy x

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